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Protect your aerosol system

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JK e-solutions

JKE are the minds behind FS12- the monitoring and control system for aerosol fire suppression systems on maritime vessels, which specifically helps you meet requirements from IMO, DNV GL and national authorities like Danish Maritime Authority.

What is FS12?

FS12 is a monitoring and control system for maritime aerosol fire suppression systems. It can activate the aerosols, and it monitors your aerosol installation and alerts you if there are faults.

With FS12 you are guaranteed to live up to requirements from IMO, DNV GL and national authorities like Danish Maritime Authority.

FS12- and why you need it

Once you have the most secure fire suppression system installed on your boat, you need a stable and reliable solution for controlling and monitoring the installation.
IMO requires you to monitor your aerosol system for any kind of system failure, which could prevent it from working when you need it. FS12 was developed for just that purpose.

DNV GL Type Approval 

The FS12 system is type approved by the DNV GL, the world’s largest classification society.To get the DNV GL type approval, the design of the FS12 system has been reviewed and approved by DNV GL and a number of prototypesystems have gone through extensive environmental and electrical test at the Danish accredited test laboratory DELTA.Therefore you can be sure that you buy a high quality product.


Cost effective


Easy installation


Environmental friendly


Low maintenance costs

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