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Parts and accessories

FS12 main-unit

FS12 sub-unit Var. A

Variant A: With cable gland for aerosol.

FS12 Test Device

Simulates the aerosol and detects activation when testing the installation.

External Activation Switch

E.g. for use when it must be possible to activate the aerosol from remote locations.

FS12 Power Input PCB

The FS12 Power Input PCB is mounted internally in the FS12 main-unit
– Common power output
– True fail safe fault warning output
– Duplicated release warning outputs

Mounting Frame for FS12 main-unit

For recessed mounting of the FS12 main-unit

Smoke detector

Smoke detector approved for marine use

Combined sounder / beacon

For marine use, e.g. Aerosol release warning.

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